Company Car Today

Devised by an award winning team, Company Car Today (CCT) is targeted at senior fleet decision makers within both the private and public sectors.

Company Car Today (CCT) magazine offers readers an unrivalled spotlight on the latest product developments in the UK fleet industry at a time of unrivalled pace of development in terms of quality, efficiency, technology, safety and equipment.

CCT is uniquely placed to offer in-depth analysis of new models, their core strengths, where they fit into the vitally important company car sector and why they should be on fleet choice lists.

But its not just about the new metal.  Through news, features and in-depth statistical and expert analysis, Company Car Today also provides vital operational information across the wide-ranging topics with which busy fleet decision makers need to be fully conversant.

Addressing specific issues and solving problems being experienced by readers, Company Car Today offers advice from experts within the industry in order to make sure fleets are more cost-effective, safer, and more efficiently operated.

With a team of comprising of a multi-award winning editor and journalists, Company Car Today produces high -value content, delivered  via a suite of high-quality platforms running across the print, digital, online, newsletter, email and sponsorship channels. This mix of channels provides you with opportunity to fully maximise your campaign ROI.

If your business needs to engage with individuals responsible for the specification, operation and management of company cars within the UK SME fleet sector, then Company Car Today should be  your vehicle of choice.

To discuss specific campaign requirements or to obtain a copy of the Company Car Today media pack, please contact Dave Wallace via or telephone 01206 638036.